Here at sunny summertown,

We are a curated event space, 

We exist for community and creativity

And are here to create a space for things and support

the people we are passionate about.

Exhibitions. Workshops. Long Table Dinners. Film


yoga classes. wellbeing workshops. Photos. Art.

Pottery. Floristry. Painting.

A place where people can learn and create.

That’s where you come in.

the loft.

We have a loft.

And it’s pretty special.

The space is available for hire for yoga, pilates, meditation and wellness classes, photoshoots & workshops

It sits snug above our shopfront, It’s filled with natural light, 

And it’s available for permanent or casual bookings.

Permanent class time slots are available at $30 per hour; 

Casual Classes & workshops at $35 per hour.

Get in touch with possible times and days,

And we’ll go from there!


1970-01-01 09.30.00 6.jpg

workshop space

Creative workshops. Meetings. Book Clubs. Photoshoots. etc.

16 people max seated.

Hourly rate - $35

½ day - 4 hours - $120

Full day - all the hours - $200

Inclusive of Trestles, Chairs, Rugs, Plants & High Fives.

drop us an email -


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